26 March 2019

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The Book Fair Organiser of the Term Award from Scholastic is given to outstanding organisers who dedicate time and effort into providing students with a wide range of great books to select from.

All the titles chosen in the Scholastic Book Fair are linked to the ‘Accelerated Reader Programme’ within the school, which helps match book titles to students reading levels and quizzes them to ensure that they have understood the book.  

As well as organising successful and engaging book fairs, Miss Smith also helps with the school’s weekly ‘Reading Buddies’ programme, in which Year 7 students are buddied up with a student reading partner from Birkenhead Sixth Form College to help them refine their skills.

Miss Smith said: “It is such an honour to be chosen as Book Fair Organiser of the Term. I am delighted with the £250 voucher which will provide extra books for the school library.”