28 February 2023

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The Birkenhead Park School has launched its new three stage ‘iKNOW’ Revision Programme for Year 11 students, which gives them the skills, techniques and support to revise successfully outside lessons and be ready to shine in their upcoming exams. Good revision is key to getting the best grades possible.

Our top priority is ensuring students receive high quality revision guidance which meets their individual needs. We achieve this by structuring our programme with the core content based on topics that students tend to struggle with. We help students to identify knowledge gaps or areas where they lack confidence. In this way, each course is bespoke to the students attending to optimise their revision time. 

We also know that student learning styles, concerns and motivations vary significantly. Not knowing how to approach revision is frequently a deterrent to students starting at all. With this in mind, we will help students understand what will work best for them, together with strategies and techniques to manage exam stress, maximise exam performance and help with revision planning throughout the year.

A Parental Skills evening to introduce our parents to the programme launched the programme, to enable them to help their children revise correctly and efficiently, and help support our students in all areas of their life. Our dedicated iKNOW team taught proven revision techniques, such as mind maps and the use of flash cards, and also highlighted areas where students can get distracted.

Assistant Headteacher, Miss Dawes, said: “We’re so excited to launch this new programme, and really feel it will be so beneficial to our students, not just for these exams, but for the rest of their lives. Learning really is a life-long skill! We’ve already had really positive feedback from both our students and their parents.”

The iKNOW Revision Programme covers the 13 weeks in the lead up to this Summer’s GCSE exams, and is split in three sections: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Students who progress and finish the entire programme will be recognised and will earn our full range of rewards including a coveted leavers hoodie and free prom ticket, as well as a revision kit to aid their work.