13 April 2022

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The introduction of The Birkenhead Park School’s school-wide Literacy Programme has further cemented the school’s place as an innovator and leader in improving young people’s literacy and academic achievement.

The Literacy Programme combines many individual unique initiatives that the school has developed and implemented over the past few years which have had proven effect on raising students’ reading capabilities and therefore academic results. 
Literacy is instilled in the lifeblood of the school, with tailored initiatives for every year group to best support their age and development. The strategic educational ethos of ‘Read More, Learn More, Achieve More’ informs everything that we do, which in turn raises students’ aspirations and open doors to future pathways that students may not have thought possible before.

While the word ‘literacy’ may be understood to be just the ability to simply read, The Birkenhead Park School knows the value of the true meaning of literacy, and the possibilities that can be built upon the foundations of young people being confident readers.  Scientific research has shown that the more young people read, the more they can establish a control of the English language, and therefore improve their chances of academic success across each and every subject, including subjects known as STEM subjects in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

The literacy programme starts as soon as students join the school in Year 7.  The daily ready programme, called The Big Read, creates a love of reading that can shape students’ futures and their careers beyond education. Enjoyment of reading is key, so relevant books, texts, vocabulary and learning activities are sculpted around each year group, with the much loved Elvis the reading dog on hand to listen to students. Dr Seuss said: “The more you read, the more things you will know,” and that is at the heart of loving to read: reading builds knowledge which reinforces every success in life. 

Headteacher at The Birkenhead Park School, Mrs Johnson, said: “The sky is the limit for our students. Our Literacy Programme will inspire students to not just be ready to achieve even more in the classroom, but seek out knowledge on their own, developing a thirst for all aspects of education.”

Mrs Johnson continued: “I cannot describe how incredibly important the effect of this programme is on our students. Literacy informs everything that we achieve, and with the programme being just an integral part of the education on offer at the school, I have no doubt that our students will enjoy every minute of their learning as their understanding grows. 

“As experts, we know that every child can succeed, and a key to that is a command of the language that is used throughout every academic subject as well as in everyday life. They will develop a deep appreciation of English, which will put them in the best possible place to leave the school after GCSEs ready for their next steps as fully capable individuals with so much to offer our community and society as a whole.

“I hope all of our students continue to enjoy the programme as much as we love to deliver it.”